Top 10 Companies Researching in Quantum Computing Technology

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To solve problems that are too complex or that require bardzo skomplikowane Obliczenia dla którego classical computers take much time or sometimes got stuck doing those types of complex calculations. The solution for such types of complex calculations is “Quantum Computing Technology” which is a new emerging technology that uses the laws of mechanics to solve complex problems. Quantum Computing technology can do bardzo skomplikowane higher engineering application calculations or complex scientific calculations in very less time. According to its calculation efficiency, it is approximately 155 million times faster than today’s most sophisticated computers or supercomputers. Due to its high speed and efficiency, it zapewnia dramatic changes in the field of information security, data science, and engineering applications. 

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Technologia obliczeń kwantowych 

Quantum Computing Technology is the field of computer science that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to solve massive complex calculations. Quantum mechanism deals with the inside structure of atoms or the smaller subatomic particles. In Quantum Computing Instead of bits, it uses quantum bits or qubits. While classical computers or supercomputers use a bit that has two states that are one or zero, a qubit at the same time can be a one, a zero, or both and in different proportions. That means quantum computers do not wait for one process to end before it starts another, they can do them at the same time. W zasadzie w quantum computers, various states are multiplied and executed at the same time to make it possible that performs massive calculations very rapidly. For example, if a process requires 10 billion floating point operations per second it performs by using just 30 qubits which is approximately 6 billion times faster than most powerful supercomputers. The main advantages of quantum computing jest when the number of complex tasks i operacje is bardzo duży. Simply we can say tak jak jeszcze complex the tasks more advantages are there.  

Top 10 Companies Researching in Quantum Computing Technology 

  1. IBM – IBM is the first company to offer cloud-based quantum computing access. IBM’s Quantum computing technology solves complex operations in very less time that today’s most powerful supercomputers cannot do. In the year 2016, IBM launched its first cloud-based quantum processor which was a five-qubit processor and further IBM is continuously releasing various latest versions of quantum computers.  
  • Lokalizacja: Armonk, New York 
  • Produkt i usługi– Eagle (127-qubit processor), Osprey (433-qubit processor), IBM Quantum Services, IBM Qiskit, etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 1323

    2. Google – Google is a leading quantum computing company that provides many tools that allow researchers to work beyond traditional capabilities. In the year 2019 google claims that they developed a 54-qubit processor that can do complex calculations at a very high speed. The processor can complete a target in just 200 seconds in comparison to any latest supercomputer that takes 10,000 years to complete the same task.  
  • Lokalizacja- Mountain View, Kalifornia 
  • Product and Services - TensorFlow Quantum (TFQ), Sycamore (54-qubit processor), Bristlecone Chip (Quantum processor), Quantum Computing Service, etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 762 

    3. Microsoft – Microsoft is a big player in the field of Quantum computing. Microsoft technology uses a topological qubit which is a unique type of qubit that is much faster and more reliable than other qubits. They launch Azure Quantum in the year 2019 which was the world’s first full-stack, open-cloud quantum computer. 
  • Lokalizacja- Redmond, Waszyngton 
  • Product and Services - Microsoft Azure Quantum, Q# (quantum programming language), etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 496 

    4. D-Wave System – D-Wave is the major leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems, software, and quantum services. Quantum Annealing is a process used by D-Wave to solve complex problems. Quantum annealing is uniquely designed for optimization such that users can solve complex calculations at a very fast speed.  
  • Lokalizacja- Burnaby, Kolumbia Brytyjska 
  • Product and Services - D-quantum Wave’s computer, Leap (quantum cloud service), etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 501 

    5. Intel – The Giant Processor maker Intel has expertise in making spin-qubits that are smaller than normal computer devices and can operate at a higher temperature. Intel also has expertise in quantum dot arrays that are useful in large-scale qubit processor productions using transistor fabrication technology. 
  • Lokalizacja- Santa Clara, Kalifornia 
  • Product and Services - Tangle Lake (49 qubit quantum processor), Horse Ridge (control chip), etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 221

    6. Obliczenia Rigetti – Rigetti Computing builds high-speed quantum computers and superconducting quantum processors that are used to power them. Rigetti uses superconducting qubit technology to make and deploys integrated quantum computing systems. Rigetti Computing provides very high-speed access which is a major requirement for high-performance hybrid quantum-classical computing. 
  • Lokalizacja- Berkeley, California  
  • Product and Services - Fab-1, Quil (quantum programming language), Quilc (compiler), QVM (Quantum Virtual Machine), etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 110 

    7. Baidu– BAIDU launches an institute for quantum computing for the application of quantum computing software. They designed an embedded hardware and software solution for quantum computing called Liang Xi which is a 36-qubit superconducting quantum chip. 
  • Lokalizacja- Pekin, Chiny 
  • Product and Services - Liang Xi, Qian Shi, etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 186 

    8. Toshiba – Toshiba uses its program called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to secure network communications by applying the fundamental laws of Quantum Physics. In the QKD communication system, the exchanging encryption keys occurred only between known shared parties 
  • Lokalizacja- Tokio, Japonia 
  • Product and Services - Multiplexed QKD System, Long Distance QKD System, etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 85 

    9. Xanadu – Xanadu founded in 2016 is a Canadian quantum technology company with the mission to build quantum computers that are useful and available to people everywhere. Now Xanadu has become one of the world’s leading quantum hardware and software companies. Xanadu designs practical and accessible quantum computers that use the quantum properties of light particles to run. The company released open-source software Xanadu Quantum Cloud service (XQC) for users.  
  • Lokalizacja- Toronto, Ontario 
  • Product and Services – Borealis (photonic quantum computer), X-Series (Cloud-based photonic quantum computer), Pennylane (software), etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 9 

    Amazon - Amazon is building the framework for a quantum computer, advancing attempts to harness technology that can crunch huge amounts of data in seconds. Amazon launched the AWS Center for Quantum Computing in 2019 to accelerate the development of quantum computing technologies and applications. 
  • Lokalizacja- Toronto, Ontario 
  • Product and Services – Amazon Bracket (quantum computing service), Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, etc 
  • Number of Quantum Patents- 17 

Important Applications of Quantum computing 

  • Weather forecasting and climate change – Analysing weather forecasting and climate change includes multiple variables to study, like pressure, temperature, humidity air density, airspeed, etc, which makes it very difficult to be predicted accurately for a very short period of time. So, the process of analyzing weather conditions with classical computers can take more time. But by using quantum computing the various parameters related to whether or climate can be analyzed in a very short period.  
  • Sztuczna inteligencja i uczenie maszynowe – In artificial intelligence and machine learning many complex algorithms are there to solve certain tasks. By using quantum computing that complex tasks can be solved in very less time. 
  • Cybersecurity and cryptography – Cybersecurity and Cryptography are the two main fields of computer science that need lots of key generation and key distribution algorithms to run and require regular updates. Quantum computing enhances the speed of complex algorithms in the field of cybersecurity and cryptography. 
  • Financial modeling – Organizations use various financial models to study and analyze the investment, return, risk, and other parameters related to the finance of the organization such as Monte Carlo simulations. By using quantum computing the financial modeling algorithms runs very quickly.   
  • Advanced medical treatment – In the medical field of cancer treatment, radiation beams use quantum annealing computers to save time. 
  • Gry– Computer games day by day increase their visual effects and graphics so they require a greater number of processes to be executed in very less time. As speed and efficiency of quantum computers are much higher than classical computers. So, quantum computers in the gaming field are a better choice. 

Future Growth of Quantum Computing 

  • Quantum Computing Technologies can be a game-changer in fields of data science, cryptography, pharmaceuticals, chemical reactions, etc. Technology advances day by day as a result the problems are getting more and more complicated. Quantum computing offers a solution for complex problems like protein modeling.  
  • In the coming years, we will have practical quantum computers that are significantly better than today’s latest supercomputers. Quantum computing will be more relevant to certain businesses where highly complex calculations need to be evaluated which in a normal computer would take days, weeks, or even months.  
  • According to a report in the year 2021, the global quantum computing market size was valued at approximately US$ 470 million, and it is expected to grow to US$ 1.765 billion by 2026. Quantum computing start-ups have also seen an increase in funding. These significant figures indicate that quantum computing technology will potentially reshape the future of many sectors. 
  • Since quantum computing has lots of advantages and applications but there are also certain limitations. For example, the complexity of the quantum computing process, the requirement of the protected environment to operate quantum computing, still it is an emerging technology – there is no fixed standard. So, we can say that quantum computing has great significant potential. But side by side it needs many further developments to get into the mainstream. 


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